Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Blue Tit

I've just finished this little painting for my Grandad for Grandad's Day on Sunday, but it's a secret shhhhh!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Assignment 7

Sorry I've been a bit slow about posting this one, but I've been a busy bee...26 line conversation between two characters, doctor and patient. Each line of the dialogue starting with the next consecutive letter of the alphabet. First line starts with M, last line starts with L:

Mrs Samson?

No, no Doctor, please call me Sylvia.

Okay Sylvia, what seems to be the problem?


Quivering with anxiety, she repeated herself: P-Postmen, I think I’m allergic

Royal mail, he smiled, or postmen in general?

Seriously Doctor, this is no joke – ever since the new postie started his job, I get palpitations every time I hear that Italian accent of his, or see him strolling up the garden path.

That is unusual…have you been experiencing any other symptoms?

Unease, nausea, dry mouth, breathlessness, excessive sweating and at times I become light-headed.

Virtually all of the symptoms you describe, Sylvia, seem to indicate that you are suffering from a phobia rather than an allergy.

Well that’s ridiculous, why on earth would I be scared of the postman?

Xenophobia is what I am proposing - a fear of foreigners or strangers.

You think I’m racist?

Zero tolerance is my policy on racism, and besides, my Grandmother is Italian and I don’t believe she has ever caused me to have palpitations.

At no point did I suggest you are racist Mrs Samson, but perhaps it is change or the unconventional that you fear.

Beta blockers might be a means by which you could control your anxiety; Propranolol may do the trick.

Could give them a go I guess Doctor, but I don’t know why a woman of my age would despair at a handsome Italian delivering her mail.

Doesn’t make sense at all if you ask me!

Ever thought you might be attracted to this man Mrs Samson?

Fluttering heart, adrenaline pumping around your body…all of the signs are there.

Guess you could be right Doctor.

Hands are sweaty just thinking about it.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.

Just glad I could help Mrs Samson.

Know any cures Doctor?

Love is the drug I’m thinking of Mrs Samson…