Thursday, 29 April 2010

Peepshow at Pick Me Up

(Pictured artwork by Chrissie MacDonald from Peepshow)

Last weekend I was invited to help Peepshow run a print workshop at "Pick Me Up" which is running at Somerset House in London.

Lots of lovely artists can be found at this Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, and for just £3 you can even make and take home your very own masterpiece courtesy of Peepshow.

Ever wanted to stick your head inside a giant bottom? Well Le Gun have put together a display which makes this all very possible...

Other artists and collectives exhibiting and selling work at this venue include Nobrow, It's Nice That, Print Club London, Concrete Hermit, and you can even see Rob Ryan and his team cutting out delicate paper designs in his purposefully built studio.

Wondering what to do this weekend? Then pop along for a peek at Pick Me Up.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I have a shiny new computer, so I can keep on exciting!

So here is Assignment 5:

Ok. Choose a proverb or well-known saying. Write a story with that as your theme. Each of the words from the proverb must start a new sentence of your story. These should appear consecutively. E.g. Look before you leap. 'Look' starts your first sentence, 'Before' starts your second, and so on. As long or as short as you like.

Procrastination creeps up on a person often disguised in the form of someone or something they are familiar with, and before they know it they have let down their guard, and become both criminal and victim of a very serious crime.

Is that my phone bleeping? I find myself thinking (knowing full well that I had turned it off so I could concentrate on the task in hand).

The thought leads to a train of thoughts and I find myself calling my mother (who I haven’t spoken to in at least a day), but she isn’t home, so I call my brother, but he isn’t home either, so I start scrolling through my list of contacts…

Thief! I want to shout, as I realise the day has vanished with little evidence of accomplishment, but I realise that the only perpetrator is quite literally under my own nose, and I chuckle at myself going cross-eyed trying to look the culprit in the face.

Of course there is always tomorrow – I’ll do some work then, I promise myself, but the promise is an empty one.

‘Time’ is normally a punishment for those that do the crime, but to sufferers of procrastination, it’s like a bag of swag and they dare to offend time and time again