Thursday, 13 May 2010

Sausage Arm

Assignment 6: 107 words, must contain the word 'sausage'.

This patient presented at the surgery today complaining of numbness creeping through her left arm with restricted range of movement in the wrist and fingers.

On examination: skin clammy to the touch. Early signs of hypopigmentation and extensive ballooning of the forearm, hand and fingers. Fingers lack definition – difficult to decipher where the arm ends and hand begins.

Blood investigations indicate high cholesterol.

Probable diagnosis: Botulusarmo (“Sausage Arm”)

Action taken: advised to reduce intake of red meat – pork in particular and to avoid dogs at all costs. Discussed cure by salting.

Treatment: 500g sodium chloride. Rub into skin twice daily and leave to dry. Follow-up 6 wks.